Earth-moving machines and horticultural equipment

Historical production of ditchers and land-working equipment

We are proud to introduce you our company Cosmeco, which has been since 1980 leader in the design and manufacture of earth-moving machines and equipment for horticulture and agriculture. In particular, Cosmeco is specialized in the production of single wheel Ditchers, double wheel Ditchers, vertical Ditchers, Bedformers for seedbeds, Plastic mulch layers, Covertunnels and all other essential equipments needed in the world of horticulture and for the soil working. Cosmeco and its skilled personnel are able to offer to buyers and sellers multiple benefits:

  • Customized projects
  • Technical advice from experts
  • High quality and strenght
  • Multilingual post sale assistance

Thanks to the cooperation and support of our excellent collaborators (importers, distributors and dealers), we have reached over the years more than 50 Countries in the different continents ed we exhibit our equipments to the main exhibitions and international events. The personal needs and the valuable advices contribute to the developement of new and innovative ideas for our earth-moving machines, which are more and more close to each user's profile, in any part of the world. so let's design together your next Cosmeco machine.

Cosmeco, we've been leaving a mark for 40 years.

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