Production and commercialisation of earth-moving machinery

In Italy the Cosmeco trades its earth-moving machines through direct selling. In other countries, instead the Company seeks help through local dealers. Cosmeco also takes part in a lot of Agricultural Exhibitions and Fairs in order to promote and showcase its products.

Why Choose Cosmeco?

Being in the field since 1980, the Company has developed an experience which permits us to offer quality equipment for horticulture and it also provides a lot of other services aimed to simplify the job for its clients. By choosing Cosmeco you’ll be granted the following advantages:

  • Development of customised projects
  • Spare parts always available and easy to find (with the chance of having it shipped directly to you!)
  • Field tests even abroad
  • Sales service all over the world

 Thanks to some international dealers that collaborate with the Company you’ll be granted an efficient and multilingual after-sale service regardless of where you live!

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