Ditchers, Horticultural and Earth-Moving Machineries

Cosmeco offers a range of equipments extremely varied for both earth-moving and horticulture applications. From the ditchers (in their different versions) to the bedformers and plastic mulch layers, through adjustable film layers for low tunnels and subsoilers, Cosmeco studied endless solutions to supply to its customers high standard machineries and implements, which comply with the most strict italian and "EC" rules, meeting or exceeding the most stringent requirements in agriculture and in its applications.


Single Wheel Ditchers

Cosmeco manufactures a wide range of rotary single wheel ditchers used for control, the di...


Adjustable Film Layers or Ridgers for Small Tunnels

Cosmeco designs and manufactures mechanical and hydraulic adjustable film layers for the c...


Double Wheel Ditchers

Cosmeco designs and manufactures rotary double wheel ditchers machines for the creation, m...


Vertical Ditchers

Cosmeco produces a wide range of vertical ditchers, a very interesting solution for the cr...


Single-Double Wheel Ditchers

The rotary single-double wheel ditchers Cosmeco are realized for the excavation, the contr...


Bedformers and Plastic Mulch Layers

The Cosmeco adjustable bedformers are designed for making compact beds and seedbeds with a...