Design of horticulture and earth moving machines

Cosmeco is an historical manufacturer which, since its foundation in 1980, has been designing horticulture equipment and earth-moving machines. The company started its design activity in its headquarters sited in Ostiglia (Mantua), in the heart of the Po valley, an area where anything agricultural related is taken into great consideration.


At first, the company was set up just as a carpenter’s shop, but it took only one year for Cosmeco to start designing Agricultural machinery, such as rotary ditchers, perfectly suitable for the agricultural businesses nearby. Then, the company started gaining more and more prestige in the territory thus becoming an important reality. That pushed Cosmeco to look for other solutions, and today the company has a range of more than 50 different machines. Throughout the years, Cosmeco has become more and more international, by designing increasingly innovative and technological horticultural and earth-moving machines for foreign customers.

Thanks to the experience gained throughout the years, these days Cosmeco constructs a wide range of machines and equipment for soil preparation, such as:

Cosmeco relies on its skilled and trained staff, who is constantly tested and acquainted with the latest technologies. It also provides a customized design service for earth moving machines. The company technicians, after listening to the requests and needs of any customer, will find the best and more exhaustive solution. With its wide range of custom-made machines. Cosmeco manages to meet the requirements of a various and extensive public, going from the small farmer to the large business that operates in the most diverse fields (agricultural, earth moving, forestry).

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