Company Profile

We have been producing Ditchers and earth-moving machinery for more than 40 years

Ever since the very beginning Cosmeco main focus has been the mechanization of agricultural practices and still today, the company main goal is to design, with commitment and enthusiasm, the most progressive machines for agricultural soil preparation. In Ostiglia, near Mantua, where since 1980 Cosmeco has had its headquartes and production core, the company designs and manufactures ditchers and machines conceived for seedbed preparation, always keeping in mind all the different crops and their characteristics. Cosmeco does all of this holding quality and the latest technologies in high regard and that is what makes our machines effective, resistent and long-lasting.


Cosmeco is located in Ostiglia, not far from Mantua and Verona city, right in the heart of the Padan Plain, furrowed by the Po river and its tributaries. Land of ancient agricultural tradition, this rich expanse witnessed, through the years, to several praiseworthy adjustments and remodell...



One of the main reasons behind a Company success is the professionalism of its team. This is why Cosmeco, since its earlier days, has always put a lot of effort in training its staff, because it is important to be able to rely on a serious team of qualified professionals, capable of giving...


Cosmeco worldwide

Even though the roots of the company are in Italy, in the Province of Mantua, Cosmeco sells itsearth-moving machinery in the whole world. Thanks to the great experience of its founder Costantino Rossi and the high specialisation of its staff, the company manages to manufacture machines whi...