Single-Double Wheel Ditchers

Single-Double Wheel Ditchers

Rotary ditcher for excavating and maintaining irrigation networks, ditches and drains

Rotary ditcher is designed and manufactured by Cosmeco for the excavation, control and maintenance of irrigation networks, ditches and furrows. This machine is specifically studied to obtain clean, compact and uniform canals and it’s perfect when it comes to ditching along land boundaries, roads, private access ways or common lands.

The rotary ditcher is also excellent even if you have crops to protect or in any other situation in which you may require a unique direction where to throw the removed soil to respect the contiguous areas. You can also direct the excavated debris with a specific adjustable deflector.

A wide choice of rotary ditchers to guarantee a good quality of work in any condition

Rotary ditchers are studied to guarantee maximum efficiency and a high quality of work also with hard soil or a strong presence of residue deposited at the bottom of the ditch. Depending on your specific needs you can choose standard machines or request custom rotary ditchers, specially designed and equipped for specific applications or excavation and maintenance work under particular conditions.