Bedformers and plastic mulch layers

Bedformers and plastic mulch layers

Bed former for field preparation and maintenance

Bed formers are designed for the creation of compact seedbeds with any kind of soil. This cultivation technique stimulates the plants development, reconstructs the earth porosity and boosts the flow of air and water.

Cosmeco’s bed formers ensure the germination and growth of any type of crop, such as asparagus, strawberries, soft fruits (berries), potatoes, yam and manioc, all thanks to the perfect compactness of the beds, which are especially thick on the inside.


Plastic mulch layer: high-quality solutions for small greenhouses and open fields

Plastic mulch layers are designed to help keep the crop clean and healthy, protecting it from unwanted weeds and water dispersion.

Cosmeco offers a wide range of plastic mulch layers and bed formers that provide top performance everywhere, from the small greenhouse to the open field. All machines are built with quality components, certified and designed to ensure maximum versatility, reliability and durability.

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