Double convergent mulch layer

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Double convergent mulch layer

Double convergent mulcher layer for blueberries, berries and roses

The double convergent mulch layer mod. SPDC has been designed for fruit and vegetable or floral crops such as blueberries, wild berries and roses.

This special machine is adjustable and can simultaneously unroll two reels of mulch film in polypropylene fabric or other materials, of equal or different widths from a minimum of 60 cm up to a maximum of 110 cm each.

The inclination of the reels is also hydraulically or mechanically adjustable.

The flaps of the film at the top of the bed can be fixed after the transplant or left open for subsequent maintenance.

It is possible to add irrigation tubes and spare film reel holders; if used together with the bedformer, it can make the bed and mulch in one single step.

Video mulch layer for blueberries and berries

Watch our video of the mulch layer at work!

Technical Aspects:

  • Tractor-pulled machine
  • 1 - 2nd category three-point hitch
  • Film reels width from 60 to 110 cm each

Main Strenghts:

  • Suitable for any kind of soil
  • Can cover seedbeds of different sizes thanks to the adjusting frame
  • Great performances both in greenhouse and/or open field
  • Working time reduced up to 1/3 when compared to the manual system
  • Can be combined with a bedformer, for a quick but well-finished result.

On Demand:

Hydraulic adjustment - Single or double support for hose or semi-rigid hose for irrigation

  • HP

    35 / 40

  • Km/h

    0,5 - 1,1

  • Kg


  • Film width

    60 < 110 cm

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