Adjustable bedformer for asparagus mod. B70

Bedformers and plastic mulch layers

Adjustable bedformer for asparagus mod. B70

Ideal machine for growing white or green asparagus

To obtain a good bed, which is the last and very important passage of the preparation of the land where the typical seedbeds of land are created in which the asparagus grow and keep on being white, it is necessary to start from a soil which has been finely worked for at least 25 cm of depth. The new bedformer mod. B70 by Cosmeco creates a bed which can reach 70 cm in height; the width is adjustable and it keeps the soil soft and stable; in this way the shoots will not find a surface that resists their growth.


The work that this machine for fruit and vegetable does through rotors equipped with different types of knives, solves the excessive compaction of the ground, reconstituting its porosity and encouraging the recirculation of air and water. This guarantees fast germination and optimal growth conditions for all vegetable crops, especially for asparagus which need this particular and effective cultivation method. The adjustable bedformers use two side rotors which finely smash the soil, convey it in the central part of the frame, creating a soft, trapezoidal-shaped and not too compact bed.  An increased frame improves the clearance of the ground, preventing clogging and sticking on the walls.

What are the accessories and what function do they have?

New and important accessories are the external directional filling disks for the accumulation of additional land necessary for the filling of the bed or to dig a furrow for the drainage between the beds and the share to move the ground trodden on by tractors. The laying of the mulching sheet has the purpose of:


  • Prevent the soil from getting wet and compact (a condition that wouldn’t allow the shoots to come out);
  • Guarantee a natural weed (in the absence of light, even if germinated, weeds do not undergo the process of photosynthesis and die);
  • Prevent light from penetrating by keeping the asparagus white.

Features and advantages

Our models are bedformers adjustable both in height and in width and able to create customized beds, of different sizes, even very big ones. The combination with complementary accessories, allows to perform in one step: seed bed forming, laying of the hose, mulching, ridging, fertilizing and anti-parasitic treatment.


Technical features:

  • Gear transmission
  • 3-point attack, 2nd category (standard)


Key strengths:

  • Suitable for all types of soil without risk of overfilling
  • Making of very tall and / or very large seed beds
  • Maximum yield in the open field and / or in greenhouses

Additional accessories on request:

Cardan shaft with safety bolt – Additional filler shovels - Directional filler disks – Trace remover share– Mulch layer - Single or double unrolling hose device - Adjustable row tracing disk device – Device for hydraulic adjustment – Stainless steel electric micro-granulator with driving cabin control - Knives coated with tungsten for hard and strong soils.

  • R.P.M.


  • HP

    105 / 130

  • Km/h

    0,5 - 1,0

  • Wheelbase

    170 cm

  • Bed size

    A: 52 / 82 ; B: ≤70; C: 110 / 140 cm

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