Horticultural equipment for tomatoes


Tomato is a fruit native to Central and South America. It was one of the major foods of Aztec cuisine for many years. Just a little before 1600 tomato arrived in Europe thanks to the Spanish Hernán Cortés, who took some kinds of tomato directly from Aztec kingdom. Over the years, tomato took an even greater culinary importance. The tomato plant needs abundant irrigation, a temperate-warm climate and adapts perfectly to deep and well-worked soils.

Cosmeco offers a range of machines perfectly suitable for horticulture and, in particular, for tomato growing. In order to provide farmers with a high quality service for tomato growing, Cosmeco offers a range of bed formers and other earth-moving machines meeting this requirement. Actually, bedformers are perfectly suitable for the seeding beds and a harmonious development of the roots. 


Do you want to know more on how to cultivate tomatoes?

If you are looking for more information about our machines for tomato cultivation, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our technicians will provide you with professional suggestions and recommendations on which machines are the most suitable for this particular crop. 

Machines suitable for Tomatoes cultivation

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