Horticultural equipment for melons


Melons are of African origins, the plant produces delicious, sweet and aromatic fruits. Egyptians were the first to start cultivating these plants, also exporting in the Mediterranean basin. Melons, that need a hot climate, for their seed starts germinating at around 25°. If the temperature is lower than 14°, growth is inhibited and blocked. As for the ground type, melons require a slightly acid and wet soil, rich in nutritional substances. 

Cosmeco, for melon growing, is on the market as a manufacturer of horticulture machines. Cosmeco provides a wide range of machines, excellent for farmers and farms, such as ditchers, bed formers, film layers and ridgers, which are suitable for melon growing and many other horticultural products in open fields as well as inside greenhouses.

Our ditchers are designed for many water management purposes and to earth up the plastic film used to cover most greenhouses; the bedformers are excellent machines whose main goal is to create the perfect seedbed for any crop type; our ridgers collect a small quantity of soil from the line in-between small tunnels and greenhouses to firmly secure the plastic film edges and, last but not least, our film layers are meant to lay whichever fabric of your choice on plastic and steel arcs.

Do you want to know more on how to cultivate melons?

If you are looking for more information about our machines for melon cultivation, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our technicians will provide you with professional suggestions and recommendations on which machines are the most suitable for this particular crop. 

Machines suitable for Melons cultivation

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