Plant nursery field

Plant nursery field

Machines for excavation and nurseries maintenance

Cosmeco covers an exceedingly notable spot in the nursery field for it manufactures machines for this industry with the main goal to offer ideal technologies adaptable to all kind of nurseries: starting from the more common fruit and vegetables trees but also reaching ornamental plants for gardens or parks. Our intention is to better and improve the job of those who work in this field.
For nurseries Cosmeco recommends:

How can these Cosmeco machines improve your job in the plant nursery field?

The machines advertised here are apt for many different applications in the nursery field. All the different ditchers can be used to create the ditch in which to lay the plants or to earth them up, therefore fixing the trees on the ground. The “Smasher”, our rotary tiller, guarantees the soil maintenance, getting as close as possible to the plants all without damaging them, through a process of mowing and shredding of the herbaceous and shrub vegetation.

Which are the advantages that the nursery field will gain from these machines?

Our single-wheel ditchers and “Smasher” rotary tiller allow their users to work the soil faster and, above all, more efficiently always keeping in mind the wellbeing of the plants. The ditchers are used to create the holes in which to plant the trees. The “Smasher” instead is able to mill the terrain directly under the plants, by turning it over and removing weeds all without ruining the roots or the shrub itself.

Do you want to learn more about our machines for the plant nursery field?

If you’re interested in receiving more information about our production, contact us now. Our specialised technicians will be at your complete disposal to recommend you the machines which are considered the most suitable for this field.

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