Forestry field

Forestry field

Machines for soil drainage and paths maintenance

The machines that Cosmeco designed and developed for this field, always guarantying only the best Made in Italy techniques, are used mainly by special operators, such as municipalities or private companies who work in the forestry field and must take care of a community’s green areas.
For this field Cosmeco recommends:

How can these Cosmeco machines improve your job in the forestry field?

The machines advertised here are apt for many different applications. With our wide range of ditchers, you will be able to create water channels for irrigation or drainage if the soil you are working on is really wet. Our innovative rotary tiller Smasher, on the other hand, is extremely useful for the maintenance of path and road verges.

Which are the advantages that the forestry field will gain from these machines?

Cosmeco single-wheel ditchers are adaptable to any kind of soil and are used to excavate or maintain clean ditches and small channels which have the main purpose to drain the soil, especially if you are working on a very wet terrain. Our vertical ditchers, can create narrow slits in the ground. The small dimensions of this type of cuts is that is it less invasive and it does not cause any damage to the plants and their roots. The most distinctive trait of the Cosmeco vertical ditcher is that even if the dyke appears closed on the surface, the rear part will keep on making the excessive water flow.

Our rotary tiller “Smasher” main purpose is to mill and shred the herbaceous and shrub vegetation that grows on the sides of paths and roads. A noticeable feature of the Smasher is that everything that goes under its grinding device gets crushed into pieces and then thrown away through the rear side of the machine, this means that the vegetation will need more time to grow back and that your maintenance work will last longer.

Do you want to learn more about our machines for the forestry field?

If you’re interested in receiving more information about our production, contact us now. Our specialised technicians will be at your complete disposal to recommend you the machines which are considered the most suitable for this field.

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