Construction of horticulture and earth moving machines

Throughout its history, started as far as back in 1980 in Ostiglia, in the province of Mantua, the company Cosmeco has been gradually specializing in the construction of horticulture and earth moving machines and equipment. All of this has also been possible for the convenient location of the company right in the centre of the Po valley, one of the best area for agricultural technological development.


Cosmeco, set up at first just as metalwork, is nowadays a leader in the construction of machines, such as ditchers, bed formers and mulch layers, perfectly suitable for farmers, agricultural and forestry businesses. For the construction of earth moving machines, Cosmeco relies on first-choice materials, carefully selected and controlled by the skilled technicians of the company.

After 40 years of activity, Cosmeco is able to provide its customers with a wide range of high quality horticulture and earth moving machines, including:

Due to the flexibility of the machines, which can be perfectly used in different fields, the company can reach a broad community of users from all over the world and operating in different sectors. After gaining the Italian market Cosmeco engaged successfully also in the overseas market. Actually, Cosmeco sells horticulture and earth moving equipment in more than 50 countries through an extensive commercial and distributive network.


In order to complete the construction service of earth moving machines, Cosmeco offers a customized construction service, which enables the customer to purchase a machine perfectly meeting his requirements. The customer and Cosmeco team work closely with the aim to develop the best machine for the customer’s needs.

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