Ditchers and Machines for horticulture or earth-movement

Cosmeco offers a wide and diverse range of agricultural equipment, for both earth-moving and horticultural purposes. Starting with Rotative Ditchers, we end up with Bedfomers and Plastic Mulch Layers, not forgetting to mention our Covertunnels! Cosmeco has studied an infinte amount of solutions to be certain to offer its clients machines and devices with an high construction quality, all in compliace with the most strict Italian and "EC" regulations. We're proud to have machines that satify and meet up with the most rigorous requirments of agriculture and its applications.


Bedformers and Mulch Layers

Cosmeco adjustable bedformers are designed for the creation of compact seedbeds ...


Adjustable Film Layers or Ridgers for Small Tunnels

Cosmeco designs and manufactures mechanical and hydraulic film layers for the cr...


Single-Wheel Ditchers

Cosmeco manufactures a wide range of rotary single-wheel ditchers which can be used f...


Single-Double-Wheel Ditchers

The rotary single-double-wheel ditchers Cosmeco are designed for the excavation,...


Double-Wheel Ditchers

Cosmeco designs and manufactures rotary double-wheel-ditchers for the creation, ...


Vertical Ditchers

Cosmeco produces a wide range of vertical ditchers, a noteworthy alternative for the ...


Rotary tiller for roads and nurseries

Cosmeco designs and manufactures rotary tiller that can be used for cleaning and maintenan...