Nursery machines

Nursery machines

Vertical ditchers for digging ditches, canals and crevices

Cosmeco produces a wide range of vertical ditchers, a noteworthy alternative for the creation and maintenance of small crevices for water control and management. The vertical ditchers dig a slit in the ground and thanks to their peculiar curved knives, they collect and expel the debris, by excavating compact and clean canals. The vertical ditchers are perfect for draining water or to place underground pipes. Their low weight and small dimensions make them suitable for any type of cultivation from narrow rows, to greenhouses, or even open fields. Learn more about all the different models!

Ditching machines suitable for all kind of soil

Cosmeco ditching machines are specifically designed to guarantee maximum efficiency and reliability for different applications, obtaining excellent results with all kind of soils. Using ditching machines you can obtain well-defined and smooth vertical walls, thus reducing the subsequent maintenance work. Ditching machines with reduced weight and dimensions are also available, ideal for working in vineyards and orchards with existing plants and can also be used with low power tractors. Cosmeco is also specialized in the production of custom ditching machines, made to measure according to the type of work to be carried out and the specific needs of each customer.