Adjustable Bedformers for Wet Soils

Bedformers and Mulch Layers

Adjustable Bedformers for Wet Soils

Adjustable bedformer with special rotors for wet soils

Cosmeco adjustable bedformers are excellent machines that have the ultimate aim to create the seedbeds - last and important step for soil preparing – for the harmonious development of roots and plants, with remarkable and visible results on the crop quality.

The tilling work performed by our bedformers, solves the problem of excessive soil compaction by reconstructing its porosity and incentivizing the recirculation of air and water. This ensures a fast germination and optimal growth conditions for asparagus, strawberries, soft fruits (berries), potatoes, manioc and all other crops which need this specific and effective cultivation method. Cosmeco beformers are equipped with two lateral rotors, which finely grind the soil and then channel it at the centre the frame, creating a soft trapezoidal-shaped bed which is firm but not too compressed.

Cosmeco adjustable Bedformer B12 will be your best ally when working on wet and damp soils: its broad structure and straight blades prevent the earth to get stuck on the inside of the frame, which is why the operator will be able to make seedbeds up to 50 cm in height, even in the soggiest fields. Combined with its complementary accessories, our B12 can in just one passage: create the bed, lay down the irrigation hose, put down the plastic film, and also other perform other procedures such as earth up the bed sides, fertilize and also spray the herbicide.

Technical Aspects:

  • To get the best results as possible, we reccomend to prepare the soil in advance for at least 25 cm in depth
  • Transmission with cardan shafts and oil-immersed gears
  • 2 category three-point hitch
  • Rotor diameter: 75 cm each
  • No. 10 straight knives for each rotor

Main Strenghts:

  • Suitable for wet and sticky soils with no overfilling risk
  • Creation of very big and high beds
  • Maximum yield in greenhouse and/or open field

On Demand:

Cardan shaft with safety bolt – Plastic Mulch Layer – Single or double irrigation hose layer -  Rear tamping roll equipped with one or two irrigation hose tracing rings – Adjustable row-marker disk – Electric INOX microgranulator + fertilizer spreader  with cabin control – Tungsten-coated knives for hard soils.

We also design and develop on demand solutions, in order to satisfy all of our customers’ desires and requests: widened chassis, special lead angles, extra accessories or any kind of particular equipment which are not part of the standard production line.

Contact us for a free consult to find out the most appropriate choice for your terrain. We will work together with you, searching for the best solution, always keeping in mind your very own personal needs.

B 12
  • R.P.M.


  • Hp


  • Km/h

    0,5 - 1,1

  • Kg


  • Centre-to-centre distance


  • Bed size

    A: 53 ÷ 83; B: ≤55; C: 125÷155 cm

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