What machinery is needed for saffron cultivation?

Tuesday, 05 March 2019

What machinery is needed for saffron cultivation?

The machinery required for growing saffron, the red gold worth more than 10,000 euros per kilo

Saffron cultivation is an activity that requires the use of dedicated machinery for preparing the soil and processing the flower, as well as a good amount of specific knowledge. Although more and more companies are deciding to invest in this type of business, in order to start the production of this spice it is necessary to make some preliminary assessments that will be useful to make the most profit

How is saffron grown?

The cultivation of saffron requires hard work and a lot of effort: about 150 flowers are needed to produce one gram of saffron, and once harvested one by one, other steps such as hulling and drying are required, which can be performed on a large scale only with special machines. So it is not surprising that a kilogram of saffron can cost more than 10,000 euros and that this spice takes on the nickname "red gold." In addition to possessing aphrodisiac properties and being used in cooking for the most delicious dishes, modern medical studies have shown that saffron also possesses several beneficial properties.

Saffron cultivation equipment: why it is important to have the right machinery

Saffron is a plant particularly suited to all those areas, such as Italy or Spain, where there is a temperate climate: in fact, it grows well in a dry and mild climate, at a temperature that does not exceed 35°C in summer and -20°C in winter. In contrast, it does not survive a tropical climate or one that is too cold.

The most suitable soil is dry or semi-arid because saffron is particularly sensitive to excess water and waterlogging. It prefers loamy, well-drained soil, and the bulb must also be able to be placed deep to allow as much root development as possible.

For this reason, it is necessary to prepare the soil before planting using the right machines and equipment. Cosmeco's goal is to simplify the different working activities of entrepreneurs who want to start a farming business through the supply of high performance and quality machines. To meet the needs of its customers, the company offers a wide range of agricultural machinery for soil, seedbed and mulch preparations useful for saffron cultivation.
These are machines designed by a team of highly specialized professionals, who thoroughly study the needs of those involved in the production of this herbaceous plant in order to improve the productivity of their soils.

The essential machinery for preparing the soil for saffron cultivation

The problem of water drainage is definitely the main obstacle that the saffron plant has to overcome, but with the right machines it is possible to prepare the soil to accommodate the bulbs and to prevent the problems inherent in water stagnation.

For saffron cultivation, it is first necessary to prepare the soil for planting: the Cosmeco’s mulchers are specifically used to work the soil by creating convexities that promote the outflow of excess water and eliminate the risk of stagnation. The bedforming process is necessary to create the best chemical, physical and microbiological conditions for plants to grow healthy and robust. It is important to choose a machine that finely chops up the soil and conveys it to the central part of the frame: an adjustable bed former machine allows you to change the work in both height and width and thus create custom trunks according to the type of soil.

Mulching is also an indispensable step to protect crops from excessive sunlight and the danger of frost, to which saffron is very sensitive: Cosmeco mulchers protect against weathering and prevent weed growth. They also perform on all types of soil and are suitable for both outdoor and greenhouse cultivation and can be combined with Cosmeco bedformers.

Various bed former and mulchers can be found in the Cosmeco catalog to meet any particular customer's needs.

In case the soil has severe water drainage problems, vertical ditchers can be used to create and maintain water management trenches: by digging at the cut in the soil, it is possible to collect and expel the excavated material and create compact and clean channels.

How to contact the company?

If you need to get more information on choosing the right machinery for saffron cultivation, access the contact section and fill out the form you will find inside. In the shortest possible time, the company will be happy to answer all your questions and provide you with all its support in choosing the earthmoving or horticultural equipment that best suits your needs.

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