The machinery suitable for the cultivation of strawberries

Friday, 21 June 2019

The machinery suitable for the cultivation of strawberries

Cosmeco agricultural equipment useful in cultivating one of the most delicious summer fruits

Among the most appreciated summer fruits, strawberries belong to the Rosaceae family and can be cultivated both in the open field and inside greenhouses. Hypocaloric and tasty, they need a temperature between 24 and 26 degrees Celsius to grow properly. For many years, Cosmeco has been developing and producing machinery suitable for the cultivation of strawberries, which contribute significantly to simplifying and optimizing the activities of farmers.

The Cosmeco machines designed for this cultivation

The close contact with professionals in the sector and the extensive study of their needs have allowed Cosmeco to develop constantly new technological solutions and thus propose an ever-increasing number of agricultural equipment for the cultivation of strawberries. Choosing to rely on the company, in fact, will allow you to obtain specific machinery for each type of agricultural activity, such as those useful for carrying out bedforming or mulching, two very important processes to optimize the production of this specific fruit. Among the most suitable models for this processing are the bedformer mod. B10  and the mulch layer mod. STP 3 , which can be used individually or in combination, for the best results.

Why choose Cosmeco machines?

Proposing specific equipment for each activity is not the only goal of the company. The Cosmeco technical team, in fact, pays great attention to each production phase, as well as to the choice of the individual components, in order to propose highly efficient agricultural machinery for strawberries. Thanks to the quality of the structure, their use is able to bring the following competitive advantages to the open field or to the greenhouse:

  • Mechanization and speeding up of sowing both in greenhouse and in the open field
  • Better water management
  • Production optimization

Some advice for better production

In addition to the correct choice of machinery, if you want to obtain an optimal result in terms of both quality and quantity, you should know in detail the needs of the plant and you should take care of it throughout its growth path. To achieve such a result, here are some useful tips for a correct strawberry cultivation:

  • Dig the earth to remove the roots and let it air before planting
  • Remove the stolons regularly after planting
  • Water the plants regularly

More information?

To get a personalized offer or simply request more information on the machinery used to grow strawberries, all you have to do is access the contact section . As soon as possible, the company will answer all your questions and, if requested, will propose the solution that best suits your needs.

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