The machinery and equipment for growing citrus plants

Thursday, 09 May 2019

The machinery and equipment for growing citrus plants

The right agricultural technologies to get an excellent harvest of these delicious fruits

Citrus fruits are native to India and, more generally, to the Far East; but these exquisite fruits are widely cultivated at an international level too. In Europe, for example, the areas with the highest cultivation are Spain and Italy, where the mild climate favours their growth. However, in order to improve production, it is necessary to pay attention to choosing the most suitable machinery for growing citrus fruits.

Which Cosmeco machines are recommended for this activity?

The first step to start an activity of this type is to know the needs of the plant in depth and, consequently, to choose the most suitable equipment. Throughout its history, Cosmeco has been able to offer its support to a large number of customers operating in this sector, offering them a wide choice of machinery for the cultivation of citrus fruits. Among the most suitable equipment for this type of activity, you can choose between different models of large adjustable bedformers, which can also be custom designed, based on specific needs.

What advantages do these machines offer?

In the agricultural field, knowing the needs of the plant is certainly fundamental to obtain a high-quality product, but equally important is using the right agricultural tools. Cosmeco has an in-depth knowledge of this sector and, for this reason, is able to satisfy the necessities of the farmers who deal with this activity, offering them agricultural machines that can simplify and optimize the cultivation of citrus fruits. By using the Cosmeco bedformers, it will be possible to:

  • Check irrigation
  • Optimize fertilization
  • Improve soil drainage

The use of Cosmeco machinery is particularly handy as far as fertilization is concerned, as it gives the opportunity to better direct the fertilizer around the roots of the plant.

The rules to follow for a proper cultivation

After acquiring the right tools, it is essential to pay particular attention to the care of the plants and to their needs and characteristics. First of all, to start a citrus cultivation it is necessary to prepare the soil at best, preferably in spring, adding gravel and sand to the universal soil when necessary, in order to help draining the water and to ensure the fertility of the fruit. The planting, however, must be done in a 30 cm-deep hole, paying particular attention to the roots, before proceeding with the fertilization. Furthermore, during the growth period, it is necessary to:

  • Move the soil in the spring time to aerate it and make it lighter
  • Increase the amount of water during summer and reduce it in winter
  • Prune in case of dead or parasitic-infested branches

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