The ditchers for water drainage

Friday, 26 July 2019

The ditchers for water drainage

The ideal Cosmeco machines for digging and maintaining ditches

It is time for precautions and maintenance!

Climate change, which now affects all regions of the world, is causing more and more widespread extreme weather phenomena. Heavy rainfall and other severe weather events are becoming increasingly frequent and are often the cause of floods and difficulties in managing water resources. Agriculture and forestry depend heavily on certain temperatures and precipitation levels, from which they are particularly affected. A correct creation and maintenance of water networks, which can be done by using ditchers suitable for water drainage, is essential for limiting the damage caused by heavy rainfall, which we are seeing more and more frequently.

How to drain the soil: the open ditches

If a plot of land needs a drainage system, you can choose among numerous alternatives. The cheapest one is to dig ditches that remove excess water from the cultivated land, channelling it to a sump pump drain or drainage channel. The ditches are particularly useful in flat and low areas where it would be difficult to obtain the slope or "fall" required for drainage with buried pipes.

At each drainage its ditcher

Since 1980 Cosmeco has offered a wide range of rotary ditchers suitable for both excavation and maintenance of ditches and drains. A proper maintenance, even before sowing, will be essential to facilitate the irrigation of the fields. Even before the rainy season begins, it is good to create canals systems or dugouts to prepare a rainwater drainage network. If a plot of land needs a drainage system, you can choose between several alternatives:

  • Single-wheel ditchers - suitable for all types of soil; they can be connected to both tractors and tracked vehicles. They are used for digging and maintenance of ditches, small canals or for tucking the film at the base of tunnels or greenhouses.
  • Single-double wheel ditchers - they are indispensable equipment when it comes to particular excavation conditions, such as maintenance and / or creation from scratch of ditches along property boundaries, public or private roads and plots, crops which need to be protected or other situations in which the resulting soil needs to be directed towards one side only.
  • Double-wheel ditchers - rotary machines suitable for all types of soil, they are the most resistant version among the ditchers. Indispensable for reaching important depths, they guarantee maximum efficiency even in the most demanding works; they are used for the creation, management and maintenance of ditches and irrigation canals. They allow the perfect cleaning and execution of the excavation, working also in sandy or heavy clay soils, spreading the removed soil in the open field or distributing it in a localized and uniform way on the edges. Their aim is to create dykes by halving costs and working time compared to other machines.
  • Vertical ditchers - machines with minimal invasive use, suitable for digging vertical ditches and cracks; they are certainly one of the most interesting solutions for water control and management, as well as drainage, irrigation or excavation of dugout where the pipes are housed for different purposes.

What are the other applications? Let's find out together!

The wide range proposed by Cosmeco includes rotary ditchers designed and manufactured for many water control applications, such as those listed below:

  • Excavation
  • Maintenance or simple cleaning of collector ditches and drains


The channel created with the Cosmeco machines is clean and sculpted, thus letting the water flow freely from the unwanted areas or distributing it along the irrigation networks.

It’s not just drainage: potentiality and versatility of the vertical ditchers

The vertical ditchers produced by Cosmeco are valid allies not only for drainage but also for sub-irrigation, which is a very effective system for the precise distribution of water under the ground or for the underground laying of pipes and electric cables. The result of the excavation is almost perfect, the vertical walls remain defined and polished, requiring only a few subsequent maintenance interventions and allowing a continuous disposal of the excess water which damages the crops or prevents the proper working of the land. The weight and the small size of the smaller models allow working also in pre-existing plants of young orchards and vineyards, without damaging the root systems and moving only the strictly necessary material. For this reason, they are successfully used both inside and outside the greenhouse, or to simply earth up the nylon at the base of the tunnels.

The strengths of the Cosmeco ditchers

Those produced and sold by Cosmeco are useful ditchers for a large number of applications; each of them is able to bring advantages concerning the following aspects:

  • Suitable for all types of soil
  • Maximum yield both in the open field and in the greenhouse
  • Possibility of connection to tractors or tracked vehicles
  • High quality cleaning of existing ditches even in the presence of earthy and herbaceous material settled on the bottom
  • Adjustable sheet to manage the removed soil
  • Lightened frame that does not affect the weight of the machine even in case of earth filling
  • Precise and constant work depth
  • Perfect in particular excavation conditions along property boundaries or in case of crops to be protected (single-wheel and single-double wheel ditchers)
  • The central AXEL version allows to work in a perfectly central position in relation to the tractor axle (vertical ditchers)
  • Better water regulation
  • Aeration of the layers affected by the root systems
  • Reduced costs compared to other equipment

More information?

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