The agricultural machinery for growing melons

Friday, 14 June 2019

The agricultural machinery for growing melons

The Cosmeco machines to be used for the cultivation of "Cucumis melo"

Among the most appreciated summer fruits, especially from children, the melon is actually a vegetable, which belongs to the same family as pumpkin, cucumber and watermelon. In addition to temperatures above 24 - 26 degrees Celsius, in order to obtain an optimal production it will be necessary to choose the right agricultural means for melon cultivation. Let's find out which are the Cosmeco machines recommended for this agricultural activity!

Which are the most suitable models?

Through a constant study of the needs of its customers, the company team deals with developing innovative technologies and creating customized machinery, in terms of both size and functionality. This type of approach has allowed Cosmeco to constantly expand its catalog and offer different models of agricultural machines suitable for melon cultivation. Among these, you will find:

In particular, the use of ditchers in greenhouses is extremely helpful to carry out drainage channels between the greenhouses and to earth up the nylon.

The advantages offered by Cosmeco machines

The main goal of Cosmeco is to fully satisfy the demands of its customers and contribute significantly to making their work more efficient. To succeed, the company deals with developing and producing machinery capable of mechanizing the work of farmers who cultivate melons, which, without their help, would be carried out by hand. Among the main advantages, we can mention:

  • Decrease of execution times
  • Quality improvement of the final result
  • Simplification and speeding up of the procedure for covering cultivated land, through plastic films or non-woven fabrics (mulch layers)
  • Plants protection from low temperatures and anticipation of a few weeks' harvest ( adjustable film layers)
  • Better aeration of the ground between the rows of tunnels and the chance to earth up the film (adjustable ridger)
  • Opportunity to direct excess rainwater and prop up the nylon (ditchers)

Furthermore, with the different company ditchers, you will be able to run quickly drains for a better soil drainage.

Some useful advice for a better cultivation

Although the use of the right tools is essential to achieve the best results in terms of production, it will be of fundamental importance to pay particular attention to the needs of the plant and make sure to respect some basic rules for its cultivation. Those who choose to start a production of this delicious summer fruit, in fact, will have to:

  • Choose a very rich in nutrients kind of soil, not subject to water stagnation
  • Water the plants a little during their initial growth
  • Keep the fruit isolated from the soil during the growing period, to prevent it from rotting

More details?

If you are looking for a personalized offer or if you need to get more information on Cosmeco machines for melon cultivation, all you have to do is access the contact section and fill out the form that you will find inside. The company will be happy to answer all your questions in detail, in the shortest possible time.

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