Launch of new adjustable bedformer for asparagus

Monday, 25 February 2019

Launch of new adjustable bedformer for asparagus

We are about to finish preparing the asparagus fields!

In order to meet the ever-increasing demand from the reference sector, Cosmeco has created and presented a new adjustable bedformer for asparagus model B70. Extremely versatile, its use is also recommended for the green variant of this vegetable, as well as for the cultivation of yams and similar tubers.

The advantages of new machine

Many are the innovations in the new B70 horticultural machine, created in order to facilitate the operations of asparagus growers. As a matter of fact, thanks to an excellent team of developers, the one made by Cosmeco is a high-performing bedformer, which offers many advantages, such as:


  • Ability to work on any type of soil
  • Creation of extremely tall beds, as well as wide ones
  • Maximum yield in both open field and greenhouses

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