How to start growing goji berries with Cosmeco machines

Friday, 01 March 2019

How to start growing goji berries with Cosmeco machines

The machinery suitable for growing goji berries

Starting a cultivation of Goji berries can be an extremely convenient choice, especially due to the increase in commercial demand that this product has seen in recent years. Particularly suitable for Italian soils, especially those located in areas with a temperate climate, this activity, in fact, can prove to be a good source of income for professionals who have already been working in the agricultural sector for some time and who want to redevelop their land, but also for those who intend to start a new business.

In order to simplify the activities of digging ditches or drainage cuts, or preparing the seedbed, Cosmeco offers different models of earthmoving and horticultural machines suitable for Goji cultivation, including:

  • the adjustable horticulture bedformers, suitable for seedbed creation, the last and important step of soil tillage
  • vertical ditchers, capable of making cuts in the soil and, by means of curved hoes, of collecting and expelling the excavated material. They are therefore useful for the creation of compact and clean channels.

How to grow Goji berries and prepare the soil with the right machinery

Highly resistant to periods of drought, the Goji is an easy plant to grow in the open ground, requiring a sunny spot for proper development and abundant watering in the first year of life. With a maximum height of up to 2 meters, this shrub should be planted in spring or fall, away from frost periods, leaving ample space between seeds for optimum development.

The Goji plant can be easily grown in sunny areas and in dry, sandy, well-drained soils. It is therefore good to avoid water stagnation and, especially in the case of clay soil, after tilling the soil at least 20 cm deep, it is advisable to prepare the soil with a compact horticulture bedformer so that the soil can drain excess water. Cosmeco's bedformers are machines with side rotors that allow the cultivation bed to be raised and ensure air and water recirculation even in confined spaces such as greenhouses.

What other machines are suitable for growing goji berries?

For some soil types, it may be necessary to create ditches, drains, or irrigation channels to better manage water flow in the field. Especially during the first year of life, when the plant needs abundant watering, it is useful to create compact, clean channels for draining excess water or laying irrigation pipes.

The Cosmeco vertical ditcher allows vertical cuts to be made in the soil that facilitate the collection and ejection of the excavated material. This machine makes it possible to improve the workability conditions of clay soils, with much reduced costs compared to a catenary.

The bilateral vertical ditcher is also a suitable machine for creating an effective system for the precise distribution of water under the soil. In fact, it allows better water regulation and optimal aeration of the layers affected by the root systems.

Using high quality and efficient machines such as those offered by Cosmeco allows not only simplified steps for seedbed preparation, planting and cultivation of the Goji plant, but also improved soil yield and productivity, profoundly affecting the quality of the final product.

In addition, Cosmeco can design and build customized earthmoving and horticultural machinery and equipment according to customers' specific needs.

Want more information?

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