How to choose the bedformer that best suits your crops

Friday, 14 February 2020

How to choose the bedformer that best suits your crops

What to evaluate while choosing the most suitable machine for your needs

Within these pages we have already talked about how important it is to carry out the bed forming and what the benefits of combining it with mulching can be. To make the most of it, however, it is necessary that the machinery chosen is perfectly in line with the needs required by the type of crop, but not only. Let's find out together, then, how to choose the bedformer that best suits your crops and what factors to consider before making your purchase.

Do not rush the choice, but carefully evaluate your needs

The first advice is always to not make a rash decision, but carefully evaluate all the factors and needs of your cultivation, as well as the tractors available and the type of soil. Although it might seem obvious, in fact, a series of aspects are not always taken into consideration. But these aspects are fundamental for obtaining a higher level of efficiency of the machinery. In order to get to such a result, our suggestion is to consider:

  • The type of crop you intend to grow
  • The size of the bed you want to make
  • The type of land on which you will use it and the type of field (open or greenhouse)
  • The power of the tractor to which the machine will be connected
  • The constraints of operation (e.g. use in tight spaces or on cultivation already planted; operations to be performed in addition to the bed forming; climatic conditions)

It is thanks to the analysis of these aspects that you will be able to perform a bed forming capable of improving the quality of the final product, and not only.

The relationship between bedformers, fruits and vegetables: for which crops should you use them?

One aspect of great importance, which plays in favour of the use of these machines, is their great versatility. As everyone knowns, the bedformers represent an effective solution to simplify agricultural operations and improve the quality in many crops. Among their main uses, it is possible to mention crops such as vegetables, asparagus, strawberries, blueberry and wild berry plants, rose plants, saffron, hemp, watermelons, melons, potatoes, or fruit trees such as pomegranates, oranges and olive trees.

The right solution for your cultivation: Cosmeco’s proposals

The company team has always paid great attention to the factors just mentioned and is able to develop solutions for every need, thanks also to the long experience in the reference sector. Cosmeco, in fact, can offer a wide range of specific bedformers for different types of crops, such as, for example, the following:

Of course, before choosing one of the models just mentioned, it will be necessary to make assessments that also concern the geographical location and, therefore, the climatic peculiarities of the area in which they intend to be used.

One company, many advantages: why rely on Cosmeco and its bedformers

Choosing Cosmeco, in the first place, will allow you to obtain versatile bedformers, capable of performing extremely defined work. In order to achieve this result, the company technicians devote a great deal of attention in the development of the machinery, listening to the specific needs of each customer. Furthermore, those who use these machines daily can benefit from various other advantages, regarding:

  • The ability to adjust the machinery and customize it according to each specific need
  • The opportunity to use the version chosen on different types of tractor and / or cultivation
  • The ability to perform multiple processes in one step

Finally, through their use, you will have the opportunity to improve the distribution of fertilizers and pesticides, when necessary for your crops.

Some help in choosing the most suitable bedformer?

If after these tips you still have some doubts about choosing the most suitable machinery or if, more simply, you need to get more details on the company bedformers, all you have to do is access the contact section. By filling out the form inside, you can get all the answers, in the shortest possible time.

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