Farming equipment to start up the cultivation of Yam tubers

Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Farming equipment to start up the cultivation of Yam tubers

The Cosmeco machines help to improve the production of Yam

A typical tuber cultivated in Africa, yam cultivation quickly spread worldwide, especially in the mountainous areas of China and Japan. Over the last years, the demand for this tuber exponentially increased and, precisely for this reason, the decision to start up its production may reveal to be an excellent choice, businesswise. However, the choice of the specific machinery and equipment for Yam cultivation is of basic importance, since these can optimize the yield of the soil and remarkably simplify the processing.

Choosing the right machinery: the first step towards top-yield cultivations

The first basic step to start up this type of farming is therefore the choice of the right means. Cosmeco is well aware of the importance of this aspect, and precisely because of this, offers different machine models for the cultivation of Yam. These machines can adapt to different types of soils. In the company’s catalog you will be able to choose among the following models:

The bedformer versions offered by the company, have been designed to work even in restricted areas and offer a maximum yield whether in the greenhouse or the open field. Besides the models shown in the catalog, Cosmeco can perform totally customized designs, according to each client’s technical specifications.

Why buy Cosmeco equipment?

Thanks to a longstanding experience in this sector, Cosmeco is able to propose highly efficient machinery for Yam cultivation. This is the result of the continuous development of new technologies by its corporate team of professionals, which for example allow:

  • Optimization of the growth of the tuber in a well prepared soil, since it will not be hindered by the typical features of arid soils
  • Control irrigation of the plant, without wasting water  

In particular, improvement of water efficiency is due to the use of the bedformers that enable beds of different dimensions to be created, thus reducing the risk of water dispersion.

What are the advantages of this activity?

As earlier said, the cultivation of Yam may represent an excellent economic opportunity. This is especially because of the characteristics of this tuber which does not require many hours of work, and also because of other aspects such as:

  • Reduced production costs, thanks to the tuber’s extreme resistance to diseases and climactic conditions (also to frost up to -20° and long winters)
  • Exponential increase of market demand  

Finally, by mulch-layering the soil, the tuber can withstand even more rigid temperatures and guarantee an excellent harvest under any condition.

More information on cultivation machines?

If you need further information on the machines that are most suitable to Yam cultivation, contact Cosmeco through the form given in the contacts section. You will immediately receive thorough answers to all your questions.

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