Farming equipment for the cultivation of hemp

Tuesday, 09 April 2019

Farming equipment for the cultivation of hemp

The machines used to cultivate cannabis light, the plant that contains lower than 0.2% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)

With the entry into force of the Commission Delegated Regulation EU 2017/1155 of 15 February 2017, the cultivation of hemp with levels of THC below 0.2% does not imply any legal problem. This activity furthermore, may reveal to be a good source of income for both neophyte farmers, and those already operating in this sector and who intend to diversify and optimize the use of their lands. However, they will have to choose the right machinery to cultivate cannabis in order to obtain the best yields possible.

Which machinery should be used to best cultivate the hemp plant?

Besides deep knowledge of the plant, it is basically important to use the machines that offer top performance to boost the yield of the land chosen for the cultivation of cannabis. Thanks to its team of highly specialized professionals, Cosmeco produces different kinds of machines for this type of farming activity. In its catalog, you can choose many models of:

Why buy our machines?

The bedformers and mulch layers that Cosmeco offers for the cultivation of hemp are versatile and extremely functional, and can boost the yield of the land, simplifying the productive activities related to this plant, also due to the numerous options available. In fact, by using these machines you will:

  • Avoid water stagnation on the bed  
  • Optimize production
  • Reduce the growth of weeds
  • Heat the soil at best

In particular, water stagnation is a problem that could lead to the death of the plant, especially during the days subsequent to the sowing, and this problem is avoided because of cultivation on soil seedbeds.

The procedures to be used in cannabis production

Once you have purchased the right means, you may start up the production and cultivate the hemp in a well-sifted and well-aired soil that can offer the plants a substantial amount of organic substances needed to make them grow best. Moreover, the correct preparation of the field will enable the utmost result to be achieved in terms of yields.

Why start up hemp cultivation?

Firstly, the cultivation of cannabis guarantees an excellent ratio between hours of work and the yield of the plant. The benefits, however, do not end here: in fact, there are many advantages that do not simply regard the economic aspect. Those who decide to undertake this farming activity, also thanks to the properties of the plant, will be able to:

  • Improve the quality of the soil
  • Contrast pollution of the air in that area

Do you need detailed information on the machines used for this type of cultivation?

If you wish to have further information on the machines that are most suitable to hemp cultivation, do not hesitate to access the contacts section on our web site. You will immediately receive a thorough answer to all your questions.

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