Cosmeco presents the new mulch layers for blueberries

Monday, 30 September 2019

Cosmeco presents the new mulch layers for blueberries

The company machinery fleet expands with new mulching equipment

As a demonstration of the constant commitment and attention towards customers and, more widely, of all professionals in the agricultural sector, the company has developed two new models of mulch layers for blueberries. Designed by a team of highly specialized technicians, these versions mark a further step forward as regards the technological innovations proposed by Cosmeco throughout its history.

More performance, more uses: here are the proposed models

As always, the design of the company machinery started from a deep study of the needs of those who take care of the reference crops. This approach has allowed to create extremely versatile and performing mulch layers for blueberries. The new models, in fact, can be used in different contexts, even in applications where, until now, their use was not possible. Here are the models presented by Cosmeco:

  • Divergent – it allows mechanical mulching on plants already planted (as opposed to what normally happens)
  • Convergent – it can be used for blueberries, but also for rose cultivation

In order to prepare the ground in a single passage, the second variant can be combined with the bedformers.

All the details on the new machinery: how to contact Cosmeco

If you are starting a cultivation of this type or if you are thinking of doing it and want to get more details about the new mulch layers for the blueberry cultivation, Cosmeco is at your disposal. By accessing the contact section and filling in the form inside, you can get any information on the machinery or request a customized quote, receiving a response in a very short time.

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