Water drainage machines

Water drainage machines

Machinery for draining water from very humid soils

Cosmeco is based in the province of Mantua, in the heart of one of the most advanced and productive agricultural regions in Europe. The company specializes in the design, construction and sale of machines for draining water from fields and green areas that are particularly humid and rich in water. They are machines designed precisely in a context that requires technologically innovative and performing solutions. This is why, since 1980, the company has been working with commitment and enthusiasm to design advanced, robust and high-performance tools for soil preparation and maintenance.

Water drainage operations

Water drainage is a fundamental operation in both agriculture and forestry. In fact, it serves to drain the water from soils that are too humid, too full of water, so that, for example, they appear more beautiful and are safer, whether it is maintenance operations of private or public green areas.

In agriculture, however, they are essential to ensure that the soil is in the optimal conditions of humidity for the cultivation that is being carried out, without excessive and harmful stagnation of water. Cosmeco machines allow excellent results to be obtained in the creation of drainage channels and ditches that allow soil to be drained, in water drainage operations in very humid soils and in the maintenance of paths and roads.

Cosmeco machines for drainage

The Mantuan company knows perfectly well that to obtain perfect soil drainage it is essential to carry out each operation with great attention and attention to detail. That's why, to achieve the best results in every area, Cosmeco has designed and manufactured a range of water drainage machinery:

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