Vertical ditchers producer

Vertical ditchers producer

Long experience and high competence in vertical film layer machineries production

With a long history, Cosmeco is a vertical ditchers producer based in Ostiglia, a little town nearby Mantua. Founded in 1980 by Costantino Rossi, the company entrusts this activity to professional technicians, that work hard and with a great passion to take forward all needed support to national and international customer.

All the models offered by Cosmeco

Choose to rely on Cosmeco can give you the possibility to use a specific product for each kind of activity or application. The enterprise, in fact, have always worked to meet every needs and, precisely for this reason, it have enlarged its catalogue, becoming a producer of different model of vertical ditchers, such as these listed below:

All the models proposed, furthermore, can be personalized following customer instructions.

Why choose these machines: the benefits of using them

The members of enterprise’s team have always commit themselves to improve the characteristics of their products. To achieve this result, they used the best raw materials on the market and developed specific technologies use to make a production of high-performance vertical ditchers, extremely versatiles. Among the advantages that you can appreciate by their use, for example, it is possible to underline the followings:

  • Thanks to peculiar shape of the ditch, you can bulky easier (standard version)
  • Obtain a better water regulation
  • Improve air on the roots

How know more about these products

In order to obtain a personalized quotation or receive more information about the production of vertical ditchers offered by Cosmeco, you need just to visit contact page and fill in the form you will find inside. As soon as possible, the company will be glad to answer exhaustively all your question.

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