Vertical ditchers builder

Vertical ditchers builder

The company specialized in the building activity of vertical ditchers

With a headquarter in Ostiglia, a town located in the Mantua’s province, Cosmeco is a builder of vertical ditchers which has a long experience in the reference sector. Born in 1980, in fact, the enterprise has always produced this kind of machines and now is know all over the world for this kind of activity.

Why choose that Cosmeco machines?

Thanks to a deep knowledge of the requirements of its customers, Cosmeco is well known as a builder of high-performance vertical ditchers. The people who work inside the company, in fact, have a great knowledge about the reference sector, which allow them to develop always new features and technologies that offer many advantages. Using the enterprise’s products means obtain benefits about:

  • Extreme versatility
  • Excellent resistance in each operation
  • Easy maintenance activity (also thanks company’s assistance)

How many models are built?

Cosmeco takes care to the different needs of all customer and propose them a specific machine for every application. Actually, in fact, the company is known internationally as a manufacturer of a wide range of vertical ditchers, which can also be customized to adapt them to a single need. Inside the company’s catalogue, for example, you can find that following models:

Are you looking for more information?

If you need to know further information about building activity of vertical ditchers or in case you need to obtain a specific quotation, please go to the contact section and use the form you will find inside it. As soon as possible, the company staff will be glad to give you a detailed answer to all your questions.

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