Supply of plastic bedformers and mulch layers

Supply of plastic bedformers and mulch layers

The provision activity of machines used to fit and cover the ground with plastic film

Cosmeco has its headquarter in a small town nearby Mantua, named Ostiglia, and it’s well known all over the world for its activity of supply of plastic bed formers and mulch layers. These machines are completely design by internal staff, composed by people who work every day to satisfy each customer.

What advantages bring the machines supplied by Cosmeco?

The long experience in the reference sector allows Cosmeco to understand in deepest way all customer requirements. To achieve this result, enterprise’s staff has constantly followed high training courses that are been useful to develop new technologies to be included in the products, in order to offer a supply of high-quality of plastic bedformers and mulch layers. Their use, in fact, can ensure advantages concerning:

  • Perfect adaptability for all kind of agricultural land
  • High level of agricultural yield
  • Extreme longevity

How many machines are supplied?

Cosmeco works, since its foundation in 1980, with a large number of customers, which deal with different kind of agricultural activities. Precisely for this reason, the company has constantly enlarged its catalogue, offering a supply of various models of plastic bedformers and mulch layers suitable for many operations. Within the products offered by enterprise, actually, you will choose those shown on list below:

Need more information?

If you need a personal quotation or, more simply, further details about supply of plastic bedformers and mulch layers, please access the contact section. Filling the form you will find inside it, you will receive an answer to all your question, as soon as possible.

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