Sowing soil preparation machinery

Sowing soil preparation machinery

Are you searching for sowing soil preparation machinery? Cosmeco produces sowing soil preparation machinery with equipment for earth movement and horticulture Made in Italy built with top quality materials.

In sowing soil preparation machinery, Cosmeco proposes bedformers, plastic mulch layers, adjustable film layers for low tunnels and subsoilers conform to Italian laws and EEC, which guarantees long resistance and durability.

Moreover, Cosmeco’s sowing soil preparation machinery meet the specific needs and encourage the cultivation of local products, such as adjustable film layer for low tunnels of watermelons and melons, vertical ditchers for irrigation and drainage, which observed the same success of traditional ditchers.

Among Cosmeco’s sowing soil preparation machinery, you find film layers for the creation of small tunnels that protect and anticipate the soil crops in case of very low outdoor temperatures. In addition, you can adjust these machines both in height and in width, with descendants wheels that accompany the film to the ground, where the side cutters will set the tunnel in the firmest manner, placing at the sides loose soil. Furthermore, Cosmeco also realizes buildsridgers, which convey the edges of the film on the ground, thus ensuring the fixing in the ground.

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