Single-wheel ditchers builder

Single-wheel ditchers builder

The company that deals on the building of single-wheel ditchers

Based in Ostiglia, a little town near Mantua, Cosmeco is a single-wheel ditchers builder with a long experience in the reference sector. Founded in 1980, the company has growth up fast and now is well known all around the world for the production of those machines.

Which advantages offer that products?

Cosmeco knows in depth the high requirements of its customers and work every time to meet them. The professionals who work inside the company, to achieve this result, constantly commit themselves in order to improve the quality of products and allow the company to distinguish itself as a builder of high-end single-wheel ditchers, which are able to assure, for example, benefits that concerning the following aspects:

  • Extreme versatility
  • Excellent resistance in each operation
  • Maintenance tasks easy to perform (also thanks company’s assistance)

Which models are built?

To meet the wider number of possible needs, during its history, the company has diversified its commercial proposed, thanks also a developing activity that allowed it to become known as a builder of a wide range of single wheel ditchers. Cosmeco, in fact, makes machines perfectly suitable for each kind of work operation and, precisely for this reason, inside its catalogue, offer a lot of articles, such as these types of earthmoving machines:

Do you need some more information?

In order to receive further details on building activity of single wheel ditchers, please go inside the contact section and use the form you will find inside it. In the shortest possible time, the company will be glad to answer exhaustively all your questions.

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