Sale of subsoiler

Sale of subsoiler

Cosmeco S.r.l. deals with the sale of subsoiler and Ridgers for Small Tunnels. Since 1980 the company has been working with enthusiasm to design the avant-garde of machines for preparing agricultural land.

The advantages of Cosmeco subsoiler

Cosmeco offers to the market two types of subsoiler, mechanical and hydraulic, which bring considerable advantages such as:

  • Suitable for all kind of soils
  • Possibility to be used also for ground mulching
  • Possibility to compose tunnels of different sizes with the same equipment, thanks to the adjustment system
  • Maximum output in open field
  • Reduction of processing times up to one third compared to the manual system and consequent anticipation of harvest times.

Which models of subsoiler are available?

The company mainly offers two types of subsoiler:

  • Mechanical functioning: adjustable machine for small mechanical tunnels. It provides a considerable help in the techniques of forcing and semi-forcing of cultivations in applications that anticipate the harvest of a few weeks.
  • Hydraulical functioning: hydraulic adjustable machinery for small tunnels. It allows to anticipate the collection of a few weeks. Simple and effective tool that can be used in horticultural horticulture, floriculture, fruit growing and floriculture horticulture.

Do you need additional information?

If you need additional information on sale of subsoilers, do not hesitate to contact us by filling out the form requesting information and quotes, you will be contacted as soon as possible!

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