Sale of horticulture equipments

Sale of horticulture equipments

Cosmeco S.r.l., a company located in Mantua that deals with the sale of equipment for horticulture, offers a wide range of earth-moving machinery, preparing the soil for the best cultivation.

Which horticulture equipment are offered by cosmeco?

Cosmeco offers a wide range of equipment for horticulture and earthmoving, including ditchers to and bedformers, plastic mulch layers, adjustable film layers for low tunnels and subsoilers. The Mantuan company's machine incorporates a high level of construction, respecting Italian and European regulations and fulfilling the sophisticated requirements of agriculture and the applications that concern it.


Models of horticulture equipment

  • Single-Double Wheel Ditchers: Rotary ditchers machines used in particular conditions for digging. Machinery designed for excavation and maintenance of irrigation networks, ditches and schools. They guarantee clean, compact and uniform channels in situations that require univocal direction of the excavated soil.
  • Single Wheel Ditchers: Ditchers machines connectable both engines to tracked. Ideal machines for any type of terrain. Possibility to place the resulting material where you prefer.
  • Double Wheel Ditchers: Rotary ditchers machines suitable for every type of soil. Ideal for the creation, management and maintenance of irrigation channels and ditches. They allow the positioning of the removed soil on the canal edge.
  • Vertical Ditchers: Machines for digging vertical ditches to minimally invasive use. These machines are able to collect and expel the excavated material and create compact and clean channels.
  • Adjustable Film Layers or Ridgers for Small Tunnel: Adjustable machines for the creation and fixing on the ground of tunnels and greenhouses, adjustable both in height and in width, equipped with descending wheels.
  • Bedformers and Plastic Mulch Layers: Earth-moving machines for the preparation and maintenance of the soil to be cultivated. The bedformers allow the germination and the growth of every type of crop. Plastic mulch layers allow the control of weeds and evaporation of water from the ground.

More information?

If you need additional information on the sale of horticolture equipment, do not hesitate to contact us by filling out the information and quotation request form, you will be contacted as soon as possible!

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