Professional trenchers

Professional trenchers

The Cosmeco company is leader in the design of earth moving machines since 1980. Within the wide range of machinery, there are also professional trenchers suitable for farm soil preparation.

The professional trenchers are perfect machines for digging not only drainage, but also for installing subsurface irrigation, very effective system for a precise underground water distribution, or nevertheless for the subterranean laying of tubes und electrical cables. With the professional trenchers for agriculture design by Cosmeco you can operate also in small places, such as young orchards and vineyards, without damaging the root systems and moving only the strictly necessary soil.

Technical aspects of professional trenchers

Here are some technical features of professional trenchers realized by Cosmeco. Reading these specific aspects, you can better understand how the trenchers work and how you can use them.


  • Adjustable depth by the tractor hydraulic lifting system
  • The cut width changes based on the knives positioning on the rotor
  • Fixed frame behind the tire or movable frame

More information about our professional trenchers?

If you are interested in a custom quote or in purchasing professional trenchers please contact us now. Fill out the form in the contacts section, we will reply in a brief time.

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