Mulchers for open fields

Mulchers for open fields

Agricultural machinery for open field cultivation

Cosmeco is a company based in the province of Mantua, within one of the most advanced and productive agricultural regions in Europe, and specializes in the design, construction and sale of mulchers for open fields. Since 1980 the company has worked hard to design advanced, robust and tailor-made machines for soil preparation, ideal for making the crops that take place in the open field perform at their best.

Why mulching is important

Mulching is a passive method of controlling weeds and the evaporation of water from the soil, essential for open field crops. Spreading a layer of material on the ground prevents the growth of weeds and weeds that could “contaminate” and damage the crop. Cosmeco mulchers allow you to perform this operation in the best possible way, offering various advantages for crops grown in the open field:

  • keep the crop clean and healthy, protecting plants from bad weather, adverse factors, and weeds
  • they keep microbial activity, temperature and humidity of the soil constant
  • they keep the soil structure intact and in the best conditions

Cosmeco mulchers for open field crops

Cosmeco knows the sector very well and knows that to obtain these advantages, mulching must be carried out with great attention. Not only that, it is essential to have tailor-made machines available for the crops in question. To always have the best results for each specific target, Cosmeco has designed and built a wide range of mulchers, including:

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