Mechanical film layer producer

Mechanical film layer producer

Specialized company for film layer design and realization

With over 40 years of experience in the reference sector, Cosmeco is a company well known as mechanical film layer producer. Inside its headquarter near Mantua, work a great group of professionals, composed by technicians focused on the needs of their customer.

A customizable model

Useful to create small tunnels and obtain, thus, a repaired zone with higher temperature, Cosmeco produces a specific mechanical film layer. The CPT model can be used to create tunnel with 55 cm height and a 230 cm reel width. In addition to this standard model, the company also developing personalized version, in order to meet specifically needs and satisfy in the best possible way each request.

All advantages to rely on an experienced producer

To meet all requests, however, produce a customizable model is not enough. In fact, those who deal with horticulture activities need to obtain machineries that respects high quality standard and offer also great performance. Cosmeco knows these needs well and, specifically for this reason, during its history has constantly developed new technologies that allows it to offer a production of excellent mechanical film layer, that guarantee, for example, the followings advantages:

  • Maximum output in open field
  • Less work time respect to the manual system, with additional anticipation of the harvest time
  • Suitability for all kind of soil

Contact Cosmeco, obtain more information

If you are looking for a way to obtain a customized quotation or, more simply, further information about producer of mechanical film layer and its machineries, all you have to do is visit the contact page. Inside it you will find a form useful to receive company support in the shortest possible time.

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