Manufacturing of earthmoving machines

Manufacturing of earthmoving machines

The developing and making of machineries used for earthmoving activities

Founded in 1980 and located in Ostiglia, a little town near Mantua and Verona, Cosmeco is a company specialized in the manufacturing of earthmoving machines. The development phase is entrusted to a staff of specialists who work daily to offer the best solution to each customer.

Why choose the machines manufactured by Cosmeco?

One of the main objectives of Cosmeco is meet the high requirements of its customers. To achieve this goal, during its history, the company has constantly improved the quality of its articles, thanks also to a develop activity of new features, that allow to offer the manufacturing of high-end earthmoving machines that offer many advantages in a large number of agricultural activities. For example, using the enterprise’s handwork you can get benefits regarding:

  • Great versatility
  • High resistance in each kind of operations
  • Excellent assistance service in case of breakdowns

Which models are manufactured?

The Cosmeco’s development team constantly increases its knowledge in the reference sector. This is possible thanks to the participation in numerous training courses, which allow the company to constantly improve the quality of the items in the catalog and offer a large number of models of earth moving machines, such as those listed below:

How to get more information?

In order to obtain more details about the manufacturing of earthmoving machines, please access the contact section. Filling out the form you will find in it, you will be able to obtain all information that you are looking for, as soon as possible.

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