Manufacturer of mulch layers

Manufacturer of mulch layers

Cosmeco S.r.l. is a manufacturer of mulch layers since 1980, for the control of weeds and water evaporation from the soil in order to keep the cultivation clean and healthy.

The characteristics of the mulch layers

Mulch layers are equipment that allows to simplify and speed up the covering of the ground with plastic sheets or fibre agro-textiles. The work of these machines is an ecological and functional passive method to control weeds and evaporate water from the ground, regulating humidity, temperature, structure and microbial activity of the soil. This equipment is also versatile, can in fact perform independent workings connected directly to the tractor, or in combination with bedformers, allowing many steps to be eliminated and reducing the construction time of a complete seedbed, covered and watered, ready for transplantation.

The advantages of Cosmeco mulch layers

Cosmeco mulch layers provide numerous advantages in terms of timing, processing and ductility:

  • They are suitable for all types of soils
  • They guarantee maximum output both in open field and in greenhouses
  • Allow to reduce working time up to one third compared to the natural system
  • They give the possibility to covering beds in different sizes thanks to the adjustable frame
  • They are compatible with the bedformers, for a faster but complete result.

Do you need additional information?

If you need additional information on mulch layers, do not hesitate to contact us by filling out the form requesting information and quotes, you will be contacted as soon as possible!

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