Manufacturer of horticulture equipments

Manufacturer of horticulture equipments

Cosmeco S.r.l. since 1980 is a manufacturer of horticulture equipments and earthmoving machines, paying particular attention to the development of technologies according to the different agricultural crops and the quality of the technological construct, which makes the company's Mantuan machines highly performing, resistant and durable in time.

Manufacturer of adjustable film layers or ridgers for small tunnels

Cosmeco, in the field of horticulture equipment, is a manufacturer of adjustable film layers or ridgers for small tunnels, that is, adjustable machines for the creation of tunnels and greenhouses. In particular, the adjustable film layers are available in the mechanical functioning and hydrauical functioning and have the function of creating small tunnels to protect and anticipate the harvest in case of low external temperatures. These machines are adjustable both in height and in width and are suitable for all types of soil. Cosmeco realizes then adjustable ridger for the tamping on greenhouses of all sizes.

Manufacturer of bedformers and plastic mulch layers

Other machinery produced for horticulture are bedformers and plastic mulch layers: Earth-moving machines for maintaining the cultivable soil. The adjustable bedformers are designed for making compact beds and seedbeds with all types of soil, in order to encourage the development of the plants. Using this type of equipment it is possible to guarantee the germination and optimal growth of all types of crops, thanks to the shredding and compaction of the soil inside the trunk. In addition, for the control of the evaporation of water and weeds, Cosmeco produces plastic mulch layers in order to keep the crop clean and healthy. These equipment can be consulted on the site:

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