Manufacturer of earthmoving machines

Manufacturer of earthmoving machines

If you are looking for machines for preparing agricultural land, Cosmeco S.r.l. is a manufacturer of earthmoving machines since 1980. The Mantuan company produces trenchers and equipment for horticulture and fruit growing.

The production of ditchers

Cosmeco has studied various solutions to provide customers with earthmoving machinery and quality equipment, compliant with the most Italian and EC rules and that meet or exceed the most stringent requirements of agriculture and its applications. In this sense, the Mantuan company offers several models of trenchers:

  • Single-Double Wheel Ditchers: Rotary ditchers machines used in particular conditions for digging. These machines are made for the excavation and maintenance of irrigation networks, ditches and furrows.

  • Single Wheel Ditchers: Ditchers machines connectable both engines to tracked. Machinery used for the excavation and maintenance of ditches, furrows and small canals. They can also be connected to both tractors and crawlers.

  • Double Wheel Ditchers: Rotary ditchers machines suitable for every type of soil. Equipment suitable for the creation, management and maintenance of ditches, furrows and irrigation channels.

  • Vertical Ditchers: Machines for digging vertical ditches to minimally invasive use. They are used for the creation and maintenance of water management trenches.

The production of horticulture machines

In the horticulture sector, Cosmeco S.r.l. deals with the production and sale of adjustable film layers or ridgers for small tunnels, bedformers and plastic mulch layers.

  • Adjustable film layers or ridgers for small tunnels: Adjustable machines for the creation of tunnel and greenhouses. The hoods of Cosmeco are made for the creation of small tunnels to protect and anticipate the harvest in case of low external temperatures. The adjustable ridgers, however, take land from tunnels and greenhouses, conveying it to the edges of the film ensuring its fixing to the ground.
  • Bedformers and plastic mulch layers: Earth-moving machines for maintaining the cultivable soil. Cosmeco's bedformers are produced to make seed beds of any soil, encouraging recirculation of water and air. Plastic mulch layers, on the other hand, are useful for controlling weeds and for evaporating water from the ground.

Do you need more information?

If you need additional information on the production of earthmoving machines, do not hesitate to contact us by filling out the information request form and quotes, you will be contacted as soon as possible!

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