Manufacturer of agricultural ditchers

Manufacturer of agricultural ditchers

Cosmeco S.r.l. since 1980, it is a manufacturer of agricultural ditchers and horticulture and earthmoving machines. The company has over the years implemented the quality of its materials in order to provide the customer with a finished product of high construction level, in compliance with strict Italian and European regulations and respecting the requirements of agriculture.

Main strenghts of agricultural ditchers

Cosmeco produces and sells a wide range of agricultural ditchers for the most disparate uses, each of which is able to bring advantages such as:

  • Adaptability to all types of soil
  • Maximum output both in open field and in greenhouses
  • Possibility of connection to tractors or tracked vehicles
  • High quality of work even in the presence of earthy and herbaceous material
  • Adjustable hood to manage the removed soil
  • The lightened frame does not compromise the weight of the machine even in case of ground filling
  • Precise and constant depth of work
  • Measurements and minimum weight allow the use of low power tractors.

The models offered by Cosmeco

  • Single-Double Wheel Ditchers: rotary ditchers machine designed for working in particular excavation conditions and for the maintenance of irrigation networks, furrows and ditches. They are equipped with a special adjustable deflector to direct the excavated debris
  • Single Wheel Ditchers: machinery suitable for all types of terrain, connectable both engines to tracked. They are used for the excavation and maintenance of ditches, furrows and small canals.
  • Double Wheel Ditchers: rotary machine suitable for all types of terrain. They are used for the creation, management and maintenance of ditches, furrows and irrigation channels. They allow perfect cleaning and execution of the excavation and are also ideal for difficult machining thanks to the robustness of the materials with which they are produced.
  • Vertical Ditchers: machines to minimally invasive use, suitable for digging vertical ditches. They are used for the creation and maintenance of water management trenches. 

More information?

If you need additional information on the manufacturer of agricoltural ditchers, do not hesitate to contact us by filling out the information and quotation request form, you will be contacted as soon as possible!

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