Machines for the forestry sector

Machines for the forestry sector

Forestry machinery and maintenance

Cosmeco is a company from Ostiglia, in the province of Mantua, specializing in the design, construction and sale of machines for the forestry sector, both for specialized operators and for public and private entities that deal with land and green maintenance. These operations require advanced, precise and functional machinery; since 1980 the company has been working with commitment and enthusiasm to design innovative, robust and performing machines for the preparation and maintenance of the land.

The processes that can be carried out

How many types of forestry work are there? Obviously it depends on the context and the needs, whether they are those of preparation of a land or, above all, of its maintenance, for example in the case of paths, road edges, country roads and any other green space that needs to be fixed, cleaned. and made in perfect condition.

Cosmeco machines allow to obtain excellent results in operations such as:

  • creation of drainage channels
  • water drainage in very humid soils
  • maintenance of paths and roads, through the mowing and cutting of vegetation and the shredding and crushing of stones and shrubs

Which machines does Cosmeco propose?

The Mantuan company knows perfectly well that to obtain all these advantages it is essential to carry out every single operation with great attention and attention to every detail. That's why, to always achieve the best results, Cosmeco has designed and built a range of machinery for forestry work:

More information

If you need clarification on the sale of machinery for the forestry sector, do not hesitate to contact us by filling out the information and quote request form, you will be contacted as soon as possible!

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