Machines for horticulture

Machines for horticulture

The importance of machines for horticulture in modern agriculture

In modern agriculture, machinery for horticulture plays a crucial role: this advanced and specialised equipment enables farmers to meet the ever-increasing challenges of production efficiency, sustainable resource management and responding to the demands of an ever-changing marketplace. Horticulture in particular requires precision and care, as many crops are sensitive to soil conditions, sowing density and other factors.  Cosmeco’s horticultural machinery is the answer to these challenges in the sector!

Cosmeco horticultural machinery: innovation, strength and functionality

Building on 40 years of experience, Cosmeco has developed a range of agricultural and horticultural machinery that combines technological innovation, durability and functionality to make every step of the horticultural process more efficient and precise. The company's mission has been clear since it was founded in 1980: to provide growers with high quality solutions that meet the challenges of a constantly evolving sector. 

Moreover, Cosmeco machines are the result of constant research and dialogue with those who work the land on a daily basis: this active listening has allowed the company to design equipment that not only meets immediate needs, but also anticipates future trends in the sector.

The Cosmeco range of machinery for modern horticulture

The use of specialised machinery for horticulture not only maximises yields and crop quality, but also enables optimised management of space, time and resources, making modern agriculture more productive, sustainable and economical. Cosmeco's range of agricultural machinery for horticulture includes:



  • Nursery machines, minimally invasive machines for digging ditches and vertical trenches, useful solutions for creating and maintaining trenches for water management.



  • Agricultural ridgers, mechanical and hydraulic tunnelling machines for creating small tunnels to protect and anticipate crops in cold weather.


  • Orchard machinery, which can be used for cleaning and maintaining roadsides, paths and embankments, or for milling or loosening the soil around plants in nurseries and orchards without damaging them.

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