Machines for fruits growing

Machines for fruits growing

For 35 years, Cosmeco S.r.l. deals with the production and sale of machines for fruit growing and for the preparation of agricultural land. The Mantuan company, in this area, produces and sells adjustable film layers or ridgers for small tunnels, bedformers and plastic mulch layers.

Characteristics of fruit growing machines

The machines for fruits growing in the production of Cosmeco are adjustable film layers (mechanical and hydraulical functioning) for the creation of small tunnels that are used to anticipate and protect the harvest if there are low temperatures. These machines are adjustable both in height and in width. For the tamping, Cosmeco manufactures adjustable ridgers, suitable for greenhouses of all sizes. For the production of compact beds and seedbeds, the Mantuan company produces adjustable bedformers suitable for all types of land, which encourage the development of plants and promote the recirculation of air and water. Cosmeco produces over plastic mulch layers to control weeds and the evaporation of water from the ground to keep the crop clean and healthy.

The advantages of machines for fruits growing

The adjustable film layers are suitable for any type of ground, can be used for ground mulching, have maximum output in open field and allow to reduce the working time up to a third compared to the manual system, with anticipation of collection times. The adjustable ridgers can also be used in small, intermediate spaces, with the use of small tractors it is possible to carry out tunnels of any size. The bedformers are suitable for any type of terrain, they are able to make very tall and very wide trunks and guarantee maximum yield in open field and in greenhouses. The plastic mulch layers are suitable for all types of soil, allow combinations with the bedformers, reduce up to a third the working time compared to the manual system and cover trunks of different widths and heights.

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