Machinery for land preparation

Machinery for land preparation

Are you searching for machinery for land preparation? Cosmeco designs and manufactures machines for land preparation and earth moving equipment Made in Italy since 1980, built with resistant and durable materials.

Cosmeco’s production of machinery for land preparation is made of bedformers, plastic mulch layers, adjustable film layers for low tunnels, subsoilersand and cover tunnel conform to Italian laws and EEC, made of Made in Italy materials which ensure excellent performance.

In  machinery for land preparation, Cosmeco realizes adjustable bedformers for the creation of compact ditchers or seedbeds for all types of land, making it possible the growth of plants, reconstructing the porosity and encouraging the recycling of air and water.

The use of machinery for land preparation ensures perfect growth of any type of crop: thanks to the crushing and the perfect soil compaction inside the trunk, in fact, we can grow asparagus, strawberries, berries, potatoes and manioca. Moreover, Cosmeco they enable good control of weeds and water evaporation from the soil, helping to maintain clean and healthy crop. From small greenhouse to the open field, the company’s bedformers and plastic mulch layers would work best for any type of culture’s space.

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