Horticultures equipment manufacturer

Horticultures equipment manufacturer

A team of high trained worker for the horticultures equipment realization

Known also internationally as a horticultures equipment manufacturer, Cosmeco is a company based in Ostiglia, a little town near Mantova, founded in 1980. Inside its headquarter work a group of high trained technicians, that use their great passion, knowledge and work way to offer each customers suitable machines for their activities.

All machines produced

One of the company’s strengths it is represented by its great offer. During its history, in fact, Cosmeco has worked hard to enlarge its catalogue and now it can manufacture a wide range of horticultural equipments. These products are designed to allow all customers to prepare their soils for different kind of cultivation and are completely customizable. Among the machineries produced by the enterprise, for example, you can find:

The benefits you will have using Cosmeco horticultural equipment

Producing a wide range of machineries is not enough to meet the customer’s high-quality standard. Cosmeco knows these requirements and, thanks to a high trained staff, that worked many years in the reference sector, is able to offer high performance horticultural equipment, that are also extremely resistant to each kind of activity. Choosing to rely on the enterprise means to obtain machineries that assure benefits such as:

  • Great flexibility
  • Less work time on field

More information? Please contact the staff

If you did not find the needed information, don’t worry. It will be enough visit the contact page. Inside it you will find a form that will allow you to request more details about horticultures equipment produced by Cosmeco or a customized quotation. You will receive an exhaustive answer in the shortest possible time.

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