Horticultures equipment for strawberries

Horticultures equipment for strawberries

Specialists in the realization of earthmoving machineries suitable for strawberries cultivation

Since 1980, year of its foundation, Cosmeco have produced horticultures equipment for strawberries and is able to export them both nationally and internationally. Behind the making of these machineries work a high trained staff which, day by day, commit itself to improve its own knowledge to support as the best as possible all customer activities.

The suggested machines for this cultivation

The professionals that deal with this kind of cultivation need to take forward different activities and, specifically for this reason, they need to obtain a specific product for each application. Cosmeco know this need and, thanks to its great experience in this field, have constantly enlarged its catalogue, in order to meet customer need as well as possible. Indeed, now the enterprise can realize different models of strawberries horticulture equipment, such as:

All benefits to use them

A specific machine to each application is the first step to meet customer needs but is not enough to completely meet their requirements. To achieve this result, Cosmeco constantly commits itself researching and developing new solutions that allow to obtain high performance strawberries horticulture machines, that offer many advantages, such as, for example, these listed below:

  • Suitable for all kind of soils (Single-Wheel Ditchers)
  • Possibility to obtain customization
  • Great performance both in greenhouses and open fields

All details? Contact Cosmeco’s staff

If you are looking for further details about horticultures equipment for strawberries produced by Cosmeco or if you need a customized quotation before buy them, all you have to do is enter the contact page and fill in the form inside it. The company will be glad to answer all your question as soon as possible.

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